The Japan Olympic Museum in Gaienmae, Tokyo promises to console Olympics fans unable to attend the 2020 games, with its inspirational reminders of Japan’s Olympic legacy from the 1964 games in Tokyo and determinedly international outlook.  Seeds brought to Japan as gifts by the Olympians of more than half a century ago have produced sustainable wood that has been used to create the ceiling of the Olympic Museum as well as some of the exhibits.

Casting an eye back to 1964, Olympics afficionados will revel in the cutting edge technology that was showcased – from the much lauded introduction of split second electronic automated timing to the showcasing of the first satellite broadcasts of a major world sporting event.  Japan is rightfully proud of its Olympic heritage.  1964 was the culmination of the nation’s Olympic efforts after the acute disappointment of the cancellation of the 1940 games, because of the outbreak of the second world war. 

The 1964 Olympics embodied a spirit of optimism, international cooperation and breathtaking  innovation.  It also displayed the nation’s determination to capture and seed for the future the spirit of friendship and hope that has made resilience during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic such a defining feature of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic efforts.

Japan’s Olympic Museum strongly embraces an “experience” element.  One aspect enables visitors  to compare their jumping heights to those of Olympians across many sports.  Whilst the results will leave most gasping in sheer wonder at the remarkable agility of modern day Olympic athletes the Museum’s investment in this kind of inspirational interactive activity will enable Tokyo 2020 to create a unique and longlasting impact for generations to come.  An essential visit to plan for any future trip to Japan. 

Olympic Rings Photo:  Copyright Japan Olympic Museum

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