“we offer top-level advice and expertise directly from significant players on the international stage”


As an influence-builder Alexandrite prides itself on taking its clients from routine knowledge of global and British issues to sophisticated engagement. Experienced players on the international stage themselves Alexandrite’s experts fully understand the needs of high-level decision-makers and opinion-formers from embassies to international organisations to global businesses, financial institutions and individual leaders across the board.

Alexandrite is a hidden gem, like the precious stone with which it shares its name. It strives to increase its clients’ influence, impact and effectiveness.

Uniquely, Alexandrite provides specialist foreign affairs, British and media expertise bringing intellect and creativity from high-achievers to those operating in the UK and internationally. It is highly skilled in cross-cultural communications:

Alexandrite Ltd
9 Craven Hill
London, W2 3EN


Keshini Navaratnam
Managing Director, Alexandrite
Strategic communications, international, British, media
and security expertise, global insights